Great Reasons

Leaders in 21st century thinking

Our programs are carefully constructed to lead our girls to reach their potential.

The College facilitates the development of the confident inner person who has the strength of character and resolve to succeed in endeavours throughout her lifetime.

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Academic Excellence

Our academic programs embrace the latest in 21st century teaching philosophies.

At Mount St Benedict College there is true student-centred learning in action. We make every effort to meet each student at their individual point of need. Our approach values curiosity and initiative. It encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning.

If students need additional support or extension, our Gifted and Talented and Learning Support staff provide individualised attention. As an academically non-selective school, in the 2017 HSC the College was ranked as the 8th best performing Catholic girls’ school in NSW and 81st overall in NSW.

Running students


Focus on girls' wellbeing

A vertical house system ensures students are involved with their peers as well as those in other years.

The Homeroom mentor is the first point of contact and sees the students daily. House Coordinators work with each Homeroom to ensure that the individual needs of the students are met and that an effective and relevant pastoral program is offered.

There are also dedicated school counsellors and learning support teachers. We have structures and opportunities for students to be involved from the peer support of small tutor groups to Student Representative Council and portfolio responsibilities. Individual effort is recognised through the merit system.

Support and opportunities to grow

Commitment to spirituality and social justice

The Religious Education program at Mount St Benedict College aims to build upon and extend students’ knowledge of the Catholic faith and tradition.

Through the Religious Education program, liturgical celebrations, prayer, Reflection Days and Outreach Days students are encouraged to participate and are challenged to respond through action within the College community, the Church and the wider community.

Put faith into action

Diverse co-curricular program

There are many opportunities for girls to explore and develop their talents through participation in a vast number of activities.

Your daughter can perform in music, drama, or public speaking or meet the challenges of many learning enrichment activities. There is a very high rate of participation in sport, with a significant number of students achieving at state and national levels.

Reach for the stars

Vibrant community

Our College is supported and enriched by an enthusiastic and supportive Parents and Friends Association and Ex-Students Association. Both of these groups are involved in organising events and supporting College life.

In addition, many of our ex-students return to the College to help with coaching sporting and debating teams, mentoring younger students, providing music tuition and supporting a range of social justice initiatives. In addition, we work closely with our mission partners and our network of Good Samaritan schools.