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2016 STEM Challenge Day

Year 8 were kept busy with their third STEM Challenge Day for 2016. Theme: On the Move. The girls participated in three different challenges involving movement including concepts such as speed, force and resistance (air and water).

2016 Grandparents Day

We welcomed our grandparents to the College with a special Assembly followed by morning tea.

2016 Busking for Vinnies

Members of the College Choir, MSB Concert Band, Chamber Ensemble and Flute Ensemble performed for the lunchtime crowds at Parramatta Mall at the annual 'Busking for Vinnies' in support of the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal.

2016 Refugee Camp in my Neighbourhood

A group of Mount St Benedict Year 10 students ventured out to the Refugee camp simulation in Auburn to see what life is like for refugee and asylum seekers and to hear the stories of those who had fled their homes in the hope of safety here in Australia.

2016 Leadership Camp

Our 2017 student leaders gathered for a two day Captain's Retreat working together to look at the big picture: collating ideas, celebrating strengths, listening to each other, celebrating liturgy and reflecting on the place of Benedictine values as the basis of authentic leadership.

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20160120 Office Staff and Leadership Return

Office Staff and Leadership Return

20160209 Class of 2015 Academic Assembly

The Class of 2015 are invited to the Academic Assembly followed by morning tea

20160505 Mother Daughter Breakfast

Mothers and grandmothers are most welcome to join their daughter/granddaughters for breakfast and a special Mother's Day liturgy.
Please RSVP by Wednesday 27 April for catering purposes.

Let us know you're coming.

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20160817 HSC Drama Showcase

Download the HSC Showcase Program of Major Works prior to booking your seat if you want to see a particular student perform.  

Reserve your seat here.

20160818 HSC Drama Showcase

Download the HSC Showcase Program of Major Works prior to booking your seat if you want to see a particular student perform.  

Reserve your seat here.

20160822 Parents and Friends Parent Forum

On Monday 22 August the P&F will be holding a Parent Seminar on Mental Health. The team from Headspace will be running our next Forum to provide a valuable opportunity for all parents to gain insights into the nature of various mental health issues. It can often be hard as a parent to know the difference between normal behaviour, such as occasional moodiness and irritability, and an emerging mental health problem. This seminar is designed to assist parents in a very informative and practical sense. To reserve your seat please RSVP below. Please note this forum is designed for parents. RESERVATIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED.  If you would like to attend another session at a date to be advised please email


20160824 Grandparents Assembly

Our grandparents are most welcome to join their granddaughters for a special Assembly and morning tea. 
Please RSVP by Wednesday 17 August for catering purposes.

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20160825 Science Expo

Each year, the College showcases some of the creative learning that has taken place in the Science and TAS faculties. The evening is an acknowledgement and celebration of the work of the Year 8 and 10 students who have been awarded the highest marks for their Science Student Research Project. Also on display will be some innovative and creative work of our TAS students, and demonstrations by our STEM Club students. The evening will commence at 7.00pm with a viewing of Science projects, TAS products and STEM Club images and Laptop Platforms. A light supper will be provided on the night. To assist with catering please RSVP below.

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Lactose Free

20160901 Father Daughter Breakfast

Join us for breakfast followed by a special Father's Day Liturgy.

To assist with catering please RSVP by 18 August.


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20160909 P and F Golf Day

Join family and friends at the annual P&F Golf Day, a day of social golf followed by lunch.

Reserve your place here.

20160829 HSC Showcase

HSC Students showcase their Major Works in Design and Technology, English Extension 2, Industrial Technology Multimedia, Music and Visual Arts.

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Engage and Innovate

Engage and Innovate (Tuesday 23 August) - a professional learning opportunity for educators.

Middle Years Wind Ensemble's Highly Commended performance in their first eisteddfod

Congratulations to the members of the Middle Years Wind Ensemble who performed in their first Eisteddfod recently.

Bennies Chemistry students invited to attend National Chemistry Titration Competition

Recently our senior Chemistry students competed at the RACI NSW Chemistry Titration Competition at Barker College with excellent results.

Ex-student Kate Aubusson (Class of 2004) returned to the College

Ex-student Kate Aubusson (Class of 2004) recently spoke to Year 10 about her 2015 documentary about the ANZACs Gallipoli landing.

Year 11 Dance Students Participate in Traditional Aboriginal Dance Workshop

Year 11 Dance students participated in a Aboriginal Dance workshop held by the Minning Minni Kaiwarrine Cultural Dance Company.

Bennies continue to excel at Broken Bay and NSW CCC Sport

Students continue to achieve success in their chosen sport at Broken Bay and NSW CCC

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